Thursday, November 10, 2011

High-flying, big-play Eunice football a must watch for this Friday night

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
Eunice's Avi Sanchez makes a catch during
Wednesday's practice in Eunice.
  Eunice's Tyler Almager put every ounce on the throw – a high, arcing spiral at least 60 yards down field.
  Avi Sanchez leaped high into the air for the ball, snagging it with both hands, corralling it into his stomach as he flopped onto his back with the pigskin still firmly in his grasp (see photo). The leaping catch led to the team letting out a loud cheer and a smile to Sanchez as he ran back to his teammates.
  It was just part of a crisp practice Wednesday for the top-seeded and undefeated Eunice football team as it prepared for its Class 2A state quarterfinal against No. 8 Tucumcari 7 p.m. Friday at Cardinal Stadium.
  I'm not going to go into the matchup between the two teams because that will be in my preview running in Friday's sports section of the Hobbs News-Sun.
  Instead, I'm going to let you know – and I'm talking to you Lea County – that Eunice will be the place to be this Friday – particularly for those football fans who haven't seen the Cardinals play this season.
  There are good athletes all over the field for the top-ranked team in Class 2A, which makes them difficult to defend in their spread offense. Teams have tried all kinds of ways to defend the Cardinals, only to have Eunice slice it apart.
  Watching Wednesday's practice, I see why. The Cardinals are quick and efficient when going through practice. No moping around, no wasted time. Quick, crisp and to the point.
  Combine it with some hard-hitting action on defense and explosive special teams play, Eunice is an entertaining watch.
  So if you're looking to fulfill your football fix Friday – this means you Lovington (bye week) and Hobbs (season over) fans – head to Cardinal country and check out Eunice in action.
  If you can't make it to the game (or just want to get stat updates during the game), I'll be there giving score and stat updates via Twitter. Follow me at
  Also, I have to leave their highlight video from Week 10 in a win over Dexter. These videos are great. Plus, if you throw the beat from Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" in anything, I'm all in on it.