Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hobbs boys basketball stats (9-0)

2013-14 Hobbs boys basketball stats (through 9 games, 9-0)

Individual Stats
Devante Brown (9 games) - 143 pts (15.9 ppg), 54/100 FG, 32/46 FT, 3/8 3FG, 57 reb
Jordan Chavarria (9 games) - 140 pts (15.6 ppg), 52/90 FG, 35/44 FT, 57 reb
Cayson Meridyth (9 games) - 105 pts (11.7 ppg), 41/88 FG, 8/27 3FG, 15/25 FT, 14 reb  
Gabriel Jurado (9 games) - 81 pts (9.0 ppg), 34/60 FG, 13/30 FT, 61 reb 
Trey Nelson (8 games) - 61 pts (7.6 ppg), 22/48 FG, 4/14 3FG, 13/19 FT, 10 reb
Adrian Trevino (9 games) - 52 pts (5.8 ppg), 20/42 FG, 3/7 3FG, 9/13 FT, 9 reb
Kelvin Jones (9 games) - 54 pts (5.0 ppg), 20/42 FG, 14/30 FT, 49 reb
Fernando Montes (9 games) - 23 pts (2.6 ppg), 8/16 FG, 7/14 FT, 14 reb 
Andre Foster (8 games) - 19 pts (2.4 ppg), 6/21 FG, 0/3 3FG, 7/16 FT, 5 reb
Nick Lopez (5 game) - 8 pts (1.6 ppg), 4/5 FG, 2 reb
Pierre Swain (5 games) - 4 pts (0.8 ppg), 2/4 FG
Jordan Black (4 games) - 0 pts, 0/5 FG, 0/1 FT, 0/1 3FG 
Evander White (2 games) - 4 pts (2 ppg), 1/2 FG, 2/2 FT
Andre Gomez (1 game) - 3 pts (3 ppg), 0/1 FG, 3/4 FT
Josh Ruiz (1 game) - 0 pts, 2 reb

Team Stats (9 games)
697 points (77.4 ppg)
FG - 260/541 (48.1%)
3FG - 18/63 (28.6%)
FT - 151/246 (61.4%)
Reb - 302 (33.6 rpg)
Turnovers - 165 (18.3 tpg)

501 points (55.7 ppg)
FG - 178/428 (41.6%)
3FG - 23/109 (21.1%)
FT - 122/219 (55.7%)
Reb - 256 (28.4 rpg)
Turnovers - 226 (25.1 tpg)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hobbs football stats through week 8

Hobbs statistics through week 8
Individual Stats
David Romero: 127-for-203 (62.6 percent), 1,778 yards, 21 TDs, 14 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 3-for-8 (37.5 percent), 42 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs
Isaac Amaya: 0-for-1
Steven Olivas: 34 rec., 731 yards, 13 TDs
Kolin Zembas: 32 rec., 483 yards, 6 TDs
Brody Engle: 22 rec., 276 yards, TD
Brandon Amaya: 18 rec., 72 yards, TD
Oscar Baeza: 13 rec., 105 yards

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Column - Playoff destiny in Hobbs football team's hands

  The Hobbs football team continued to do what it needs to do to be considered a Class 5A playoff team Friday night by crushing Lea County foe and Class 3A Lovington 47-0 at Watson Stadium.
  The Eagles have shown an ability all season to not just beat, but pummel teams that – on paper – Hobbs is better than (whether we knew the Eagles were better or not prior to the game).
  In Hobbs’ six wins this season, the Eagles are outscoring their opponents by 24.6 points per game. The closest a team has come to beating Hobbs in those games is Roswell High, who lost by 14 points but trailed by as much as 27 in the second half.
  But Roswell at 5-2 also holds the only winning record of the teams Hobbs has beaten as those teams combined are 13-27. Of course, that’s not all Hobbs’ fault as I don’t think a lot of people thought Artesia (2-5), Lovington  (1-5) or even Alamogordo (1-5) would be where they are this season.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

VIDEO - Hobbs vs. Lovington football

  The Hobbs football team defeated Lovington 47-0 on Friday at Watson Stadium. This is my first crack at voicing over my crudely shot, cell-phone video so my apologies in advance if I mispronounce someone's name.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hobbs football stats through week 6

Hobbs statistics through week 6 (Eagles are 5-1)
Individual Stats
David Romero: 88-for-156 (56.4 percent), 1,358 yards, 15 TDs, 10 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 3-for-6 (50 percent), 42 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs
Steven Olivas: 26 rec., 573 yards, 9 TDs
Kolin Zembas: 21 rec., 372 yards, 5 TDs
Brody Engle: 14 rec., 172 yards, TD
Brandon Amaya: 13 rec., 47 yards
Oscar Baeza: 6 rec., 83 yards
Dalton Piwenitzky: 4 rec., 52 yards
Jeremy Padilla: 3 rec., 56 yards
Alec Smith: 1 rec., 32 yards
Lane Moore: 1 rec., 5 yards
Sam Anaya: 1 rec., 4 yards
Devin Beard: 1 rec. 4 yards

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sunday column - Eagles answer the call

  Last week after the Hobbs football team’s 50-7 loss to Class 4A defending champion Goddard in Roswell I wrote Friday’s contest against Alamogordo will tell us a lot about the Eagles’ resolve and character.
  After all – as Hobbs fans know – losses such as the Goddard defeat in the past have had residual effects on the Eagles, usually leading to a downward spiral.
  Anyone who watched Hobbs against Alamogordo Friday night knows it’s safe to say the Eagles weren’t going to let that happen.
  Hobbs dominated the Tigers to the tune of a 41-0 victory in front of the biggest crowd I’ve seen at Watson Stadium in my eight seasons covering Lea County sports.
  The Eagles’ defense dominated – posting its first shutout in six years, holding Alamogordo to 209 yards, getting key stops on its side of the field and creating turnovers to give the Hobbs offense short fields to work with.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hobbs football stats through Week 5

Individual Stats
David Romero: 72-for-133 (54.1 percent), 1,075 yards, 12 TDs, 9 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 2-for-5 (40 percent), 37 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 21 rec., 372 yards, 5 TDs
Steven Olivas: 20 rec., 397 yards, 6 TDs
Brandon Amaya: 11 rec., 29 yards
Brody Engle: 9 rec., 100 yards, TD
Dalton Piwenitzky: 4 rec., 52 yards
Oscar Baeza: 3 rec., 66 yards
Jeremy Padilla: 3 rec., 56 yards
Alec Smith: 1 rec., 32 yards
Sam Anaya: 1 rec., 4 yards
Devin Beard: 1 rec. 4 yards

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunday Column: Loss to test Hobbs football's resolve

  There were no happy faces on the Hobbs sideline as the clock ticked to zero and the scoreboard read 50-7 in favor of Goddard on Friday night at the Wool Bowl in Roswell.
  Prior to the game Hobbs had aspirations of making a statement against the defending Class 4A state champion Rockets – a program the Eagles have struggled with since 1988, going 3-23 over that time.
  Hobbs was 4-0 for the first time since 2000 heading into the contest and felt like it had the pieces to compete with the Rockets.
  Instead, Goddard showed why it’s one of the premier programs in the state and the Eagles confirmed they still have work to do as the Rockets took advantage of Hobbs’ carelessness with the football early in the game (four turnovers in the first five possessions) to build a 41-0 halftime lead on its way to the 43-point victory.
  The lesson learned was a painful one for the Eagles on Friday.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hobbs football stats through week 4

Hobbs statistics through week 4
Individual Stats
David Romero: 58-for-109 (53.2 percent), 950 yards, 11 TDs, 7 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 2-for-5 (40 percent), 37 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 18 rec., 334 yards, 5 TDs
Steven Olivas: 16 rec., 347 yards, 5 TDs
Brody Engle: 8 rec., 94 yards, TD
Brandon Amaya: 7 rec., 19 yards
Jeremy Padilla: 3 rec., 56 yards
Dalton Piwenitzky: 3 rec., 36 yards
Oscar Baeza: 2 rec., 61 yards
Alec Smith: 1 rec., 32 yards
Sam Anaya: 1 rec., 4 yards
Devin Beard: 1 rec. 4 yards

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hobbs football stats through week 3

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
Hobbs' Brody Engle makes a tackle during the Eagles' win over Roswell.

The 3-0 Hobbs football team's statistics through week 3 of the 2013 season. The Eagles travel to Las Cruces to face Oñate 2 p.m. Saturday.

David Romero: 47-for-82 (57.3 percent), 649 yards, 8 TDs, 5 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 2-for-5 (40 percent), 37 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

With '16 Banners' out, Hobbs hoops working toward No. 17

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
Hobbs' Devante Brown drives to the basket Tuesday during
the Eagles' athletic period at Tasker Arena.
  I stopped by the Hobbs boys basketball team's athletic period this morning for a story I'm working on for Thursday's paper (wanted to do a story on the current team as Hobbs hoops documentary "16 Banners" was out in theaters still) and the Eagles were as usual working hard.
  Starting the day with a 2-mile run, the Eagles came back inside Tasker Arena and worked on the press in a scrimmage situation in 2-minute, 30-second and 4-minute bursts.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Video - Hobbs football's 35-12 victory over Artesia

  Once again, it's a bit crudely shot but here is video from the Hobbs football team's 35-12 victory over Artesia on Friday at the Bulldog Bowl - the Eagles' first win at the legendary venue since 1991. Hobbs returns to action Friday at home against Roswell High.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Column: Hobbs football takes another step in right direction

  I pride myself in keeping rooted in reality when it comes to expectations for the teams I cover here in Lea County. 
  I’m not a fan. My job is to stay objective – report what I see.
  So keeping that in mind, when second-year Hobbs football coach Charles Gleghorn told me prior to the season the Eagles were focused on the first three games on their schedule and considered them all winnable, I thought, “He does know they play Artesia at the Bulldog Bowl in the second game of the season, right?”
  Beating Gadsden (which the Eagles did 40-14) and Roswell (a team the Eagles play at home Friday) I could see. While Hobbs hasn’t had a lot of success recently, those are programs the Eagles have defeated.
  But taking down Artesia at the Bulldog Bowl is something the Eagles haven’t done since 1991 – losing 10 straight games at the legendary venue.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hobbs football stats through week 2

  Each week (either Saturday or Monday) I'll post the Hobbs football team's updated total statistics. Also, I forgot last week, but I'll continue posting my Sunday columns on Tuesdays during football season (if you want it sooner, buy the paper people!).
  Another note, I do have video from the Hobbs football team's win over Artesia on Friday, but haven't had a chance to put it together yet. I'll try to get to it in next few days.
  Anyway, here are the 2-0 Hobbs football team's statistics through week 2.

Individual Stats
David Romero: 33-for-59 (55.9 percent), 503 yards, 3 TDs, 4 INTs
Kolin Zembas: 1-for-2 (50 percent), 5 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Video: Hobbs football's victory over Gadsden in season opener

  The Hobbs football team opened the season with a 40-14 win over Gadsden on Friday at Watson Stadium. Here is video from the game (not the best quality, I hope in the future to get a proper camera to shoot video with other than my phone). I'll be working on a column and a follow-up story (we call it our Sunday Quarterback) from the game for Sunday's edition of the Hobbs News-Sun.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hobbs vs. Belen football scrimmage quick thoughts, stats

Clayton Jones/Hobbs News-Sun
Hobbs' David Romero scrambles during a scrimmage against Belen on
Wednesday at Ruidoso Middle School.
  RUIDOSO — The Hobbs football team went to Ruidoso to face Belen in a scrimmage and lost 6-3 overall (one point per touchdown), including 6-0 with Belen's first team on field. While Belen is a tough squad (coming off a Class 4A state semifinal appearance), Hobbs didn't look as polished as I thought they might. Some shakiness on both sides of the ball. On offense, inaccuracy through the air, poor snaps to the quarterback (at least a half dozen) and dropped passes hurt Hobbs. Defensively, it was a lot of missed tackles (tackling way too high), but the defense didn't allow the big play and made Belen grind the ball down field (which it doesn't mind doing, however). Hobbs has some work to do before its opener Aug. 30 at home against Gadsden.
  Here are the stats from the scrimmage, including the second-team, 12-snap portion where Hobbs gained 240 of its yards (I don't have a roster for Belen, so just team stats for them).
Team Stats
Total yards – Hobbs 456; Belen 367
Rushing (att-yards) – Hobbs 18-157; Belen 43-240
Passing (comp-att-int) – Hobbs 18-39-3; Belen 7-12-0
Passing yards – Hobbs 299; Belen 127
Turnovers – Hobbs 3; Belen 2
Individual Hobbs stats
Passing – David Romero 10-24-2 193 (1 TD); Kolin Zembas 8-15-1 106 (1 TD)
Rushing – Zembas 7-115 (TD); Romero 6-32; Brandon Amaya 2-11; Steven Olivas 3-(minus 1)
Receiving – Olivas 7-42; Alec Smith 5-117 (TD); Amaya 3-77; Oscar Baeza 1-29 (TD); Brody Engle 1-5; Zembas 1-13; Lane Moore 1-5.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Prep athletes must be aware of social media dangers

  There is no doubt social media has changed the game when it comes to journalism – particularly for myself in sports – and how information is distributed to the masses.
  For example, just a few years ago the only way folks knew how a Hobbs boys basketball game went was listening to it on the radio live or picking up the paper the next day.
  Now through Twitter (and following myself or someone who may be at the game), updates are provided and sent to your phone almost as it happens (though, not with the same detail that include the reaction of coaches and players a story in the paper will give you – keep buying the newspaper people!). 
  Social media also makes it easier for all of us to connect. People will ask me questions about a game, team or situation through Twitter and (usually) get a prompt answer because it’s sitting there on my phone. No waiting for me to get back to the office and check my messages or work email.
  However, for every positive use and convenience social media gives us, there are about twice as many negatives that can happen if one isn’t responsible and careful.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 Lovington football schedule

  This is Lovington's 2013 football schedule. All games are at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 30 vs. Artesia
Sept. 6 @ Robertson
Sept. 13 vs. St. Michael's
Sept. 21 @ Albuquerque Academy (1 p.m. start)
Sept. 27 vs. Eunice
Oct. 11 @ Hobbs
Oct. 18 @ Goddard
Oct. 25 vs. Hope Christian
Nov. 1 @ Portales
Nov. 8 vs. Ruidoso

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 Hobbs football schedule

  I figured with official practices beginning Monday, I'd again put out the 2013 Hobbs football schedule - which is just a reverse of last season's schedule (Eagles went 2-8 in Charles Gleghorn's first season). All games are at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
  All Hobbs sports schedules can be found at

Aug. 30 vs. Gadsden
Sept. 6 @ Artesia
Sept. 13 vs. Roswell High
Sept. 21 @ Oñate (2 p.m. Saturday game)
Sept. 27 @ Goddard
Oct. 4 vs. Alamogordo
Oct. 11 vs. Lovington
Oct. 18 @ Cleveland
Oct. 25 vs. Clovis
Nov. 1 @ Carlsbad

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Calm before storm - final week before prep football begins

  When the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Tournament arrives in Hobbs, as it did Saturday, it tells you two things.
  1. It’s likely going to be the hottest day of the year in the area – or at least feel that way as I was one of hundreds roasting on the frying-pan-like asphalt at New Mexico Junior College.
  2. The fall sports season is just around the corner.
  While the calendar says fall doesn’t begin until late September, the fall prep sports season starts Aug. 5 when football practice officially opens with the rest of the sports starting a week later.
  The summer always seems like a blur. It feels as if summer workouts, the Hobbs Nite League and other summer activities just began.
  All of that is over (or winding down) and there is just over a week until football teams in the area hit the field – starting at midnight on Aug. 5 with Lovington and Eunice’s annual midnight practices.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hobbs hoops takes lumps, learns from Hobbs Nite League

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
Hobbs' Jordan Chavarria goes up for a shot during
a Hobbs Nite League game at Tasker Arena.
  It’s been an uphill climb for the Hobbs boys basketball program the previous eight weeks in the Hobbs Nite League.
  Almost each time these incoming Hobbs High School seniors, juniors and sophomores stepped on the court for an HNL game, the Eagles were overmatched physically, athletically and/or mentally – as is usually the case when teenagers face grown men in, or close to, their physical prime.
  Against the best teams in the HNL, it was all three aspects giving Hobbs fits – as was the case when the Eagles’ HNL season came to a close Thursday against Who U Wit in the tournament quarterfinals.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Video - Hobbs, Lovington football at ENMU, NMMI 7-on-7 tournaments

  This is video I took of Hobbs and Lovington football at the Eastern New Mexico University 7-on-7 Tournament on Friday and Hobbs at the NMMI 7-on-7 Tournament on July 13.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hobbs, Lovington football show well at ENMU's 7-on-7 tournament

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
Hobbs' Steven Olivas runs after the catch against Portales during the ENMU
7-on-7 Tournament on Friday in Portales.
  I'm the first to say 7-on-7s aren't the best indication for how a team will do when the regular season hits. No sport decided with a helmet and pads can be decided a month before it starts in shorts and a T-shirt.
  However, when you're a program like Hobbs that has struggled for the better part of the last 30 years (one playoff win since 1982), any indication the program is going in a positive direction and moving toward long-term success is a victory.
  Even if you're a program like Lovington and all its state championships, it's good to see positive results when losing 30-plus seniors from the year before.
  So Hobbs going 5-2 at the Eastern New Mexico University 7-on-7 Tournament on Friday in Portales (getting the No. 2 seed before losing in the semifinals) and showing depth in the program with the JV winning its division (beating the Robertson varsity in the final) and the freshman team making it to the semifinals in its division while Lovington also made it to the semifinals in the large-school division is worth being encouraged about.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The break is over, the blog is back

  With baseball season coming to a close in May, I decided to take a bit of a break from this blog to relax and not worry about giving out extra content (I don't get paid anything extra for doing this blog).
  But with a few months away from the blog and a two-week vacation from the newspaper under my belt this summer, I'm geared up and ready to get this thing rolling again.
  Hopefully this school year I'll add even more photos and videos of where I'm covering games along with more extra content (along with my Sunday columns from the Hobbs News-Sun that I'll post likely on Tuesday or Wednesday - I got to give the subscribers of the News-Sun first crack at that content).
  Please remember, this blog is just a slice of the content myself and News-Sun sportswriter Brad Cox provide at the Hobbs News-Sun. If you're a fan of Hobbs, Lovington, Eunice, Jal or Tatum - you'll want an online subscription to the Hobbs News-Sun (call 575-393-2123 if you're interested).
  While it's a bit slow now, Aug. 5 things will be gearing up as football practices begin and we plan on making it out to each school at least once during that week. Also, the PRCA Lea County Fair and Rodeo begins that week, so if you're a rodeo fan - we'll have you covered.
  Later this week, we'll be at 7-on-7 events in Carlsbad (Thursday - Lovington only) and Portales (Friday - Hobbs and Lovington) along with covering the Hobbs Nite League playoffs (Thursday and Friday) and the Nite League Showcase (Saturday).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Column: Always a Thunderbird

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
NMJC's Luis Hernandez throws to first during
the T-Birds' win against Weatherford on Monday.
(This column ran in Thursday's edition of the Hobbs News-Sun)

  As I walked down to chat with New Mexico Junior College baseball coach Josh Simpson after its season-ending loss to Grayson near midnight Monday in Grand Prairie, Texas, I had my mind set to do a recap this week of NMJC’s time at the regional tournament (including its struggles at the plate) since I had to rush a story out for Tuesday’s paper to beat deadline.
  When I reached field level, I knew I wanted to take a different approach.
  The Thunderbirds were devastated. No, there weren’t tears shed, but it was easy to see their disappointment. You could actually feel the letdown from the players.
  The T-Birds, who had their best season under Simpson at 45-15, were right there during the regional tournament. Their pitching was fantastic (10 runs allowed in four games, including five in the first three games) but they just couldn’t get the timely hitting it desperately needed – losing 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth to Howard and 5-3 on two runs scored in the bottom of the eighth by Grayson.
  But one scene after NMJC’s season came to a close under the lights at QuikTrip Park stood out to me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

NMJC edged by Howard in regional, dropped to loser’s bracket

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
NMJC's Dalton Bowers is tagged out by Howard's Jose Favela during NMJC's
2-1 loss to the Hawks in the Region 5 Tournament.

Clayton Jones
  GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — The New Mexico Junior College baseball team had its chances against Howard College, but couldn’t come up with the clutch hit it needed as an RBI single by Howard’s Cameron Neal in the bottom of the ninth gave the Hawks a 2-1 win over the Thunderbirds in the winner’s bracket semifinal of the Region 5 Tournament on Sunday at QuikTrip Park.
  NMJC (43-14) left 16 runners on base and went 2-for-12 with runners in scoring position as Howard starter David Gates limited the T-Birds to one hit through his seven innings of work – keeping NMJC off the board despite nine walks and two hit batters.
  “The bottom line is David Gates was very good tonight,” NMJC coach Josh Simpson said. “He was throwing hard, busting our guys inside and we couldn’t turn on it. Sometimes you just get beat.”

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hobbs' Pannell commits to Cochise

  One of Hobbs’ top-10 all-time scorers has decided where he’ll go to school and play basketball next season as Dane Pannell committed Wednesday to attend Cochise College next season.
Brad Cox/News-Sun
Hobbs' Dane Pannell committed to
Cochise College on Wednesday.
  Cochise College is located in Douglas, Ariz., and Pannell said the location played a big part in his decision.
  “A lot of my family lives in Arizona and it’s where I’m originally from,” Pannell said. “It’s a good winning program and has a good background. I’m hoping to improve my game and go to a good school from there. ...
  “It’s a big load off my chest. I’m relieved and anxious to go there.”
  Pannell averaged 21.1 points, 7.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 3.2 steals while helping the Eagles go 22-9 and advance to the Class 5A state semifinals this past season.
  The 6-foot-3 senior spent three years with the varsity, starting nearly the entirety of his prep career.
  Pannell finished his Hobbs career ninth on the all-time scoring list with 1,316 points.
  His 21.1 points per game this past season is the 25th highest in Hobbs history while his career scoring average of 16.2 is 21st on the Hobbs all-time list.
  Cochise plays in the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference, finished 25-6 this past season (receiving votes in the final NJCAA national poll) and took fourth in the ACCAC with an 18-4 mark.

Monday, April 8, 2013

NMJC's Lee commits to NC State

Clayton Jones/News-Sun
NMJC's Desmond Lee Goes up for a dunk earlier this
season. Lee committed to NC State on Monday.
  A long process came to a close for New Mexico Junior College's Desmond Lee as the 6-foot-4 guard committed to North Carolina State on Monday.
  The sophomore from Norfolk, Va., had numerous offers from top NCAA programs such as Miami (Fla.), Illinois, Baylor, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia and Creighton just to name a few but decided on North Carolina State.
  Lee, a NJCAA Second-Team All-American in 2012-13, helped NMJC qualify for the NJCAA National Tournament for the first time in 17 years when he and the Thunderbirds won the Region 5 Tournament. Overall, NMJC went 26-7, including 12-4 in Western Junior College Athletic Conference play – good for a tie for second place.
  Lee was the second-leading scorer in the WJCAC at 20.2 points per game and was also in the top 20 in the conference in steals (2.0, second), rebounds (5.4, 16th), assists (2.2, 18th), 3-pointers made (69, fourth) and free throws made (198, first).

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Column: Sanchez's shooter's mentality pays off for Hobbs in win over Sandia

Hobbs' Adrian Sanchez shoots a 3-pointer. 
(This column appears in Thursday's edition of the Hobbs News-Sun. Read the Hobbs game story as well as other state tournament stories in Thursday's sports section of the News-Sun.)

  ALBUQUERQUE — Adrian Sanchez entered Wednesday’s Class 5A state quarterfinal game against No. 2 Sandia having hit 99 3-pointers this season for No. 7 Hobbs – a single-season school record.
  After his first five attempts of the game, it was hard to believe he’d hit any.
  The senior was 0-for-5 to start the game with three air balls and another that was well off the mark.
  While a bit discouraged, the senior didn’t stop shooting.
  Sanchez drained a 3-pointer late in the second quarter and it would be a run of four consecutive for him, including a game-winner where he pump faked, took a dribble and swished it through with 1.0 seconds left to lead the Eagles past the Matadors 66-65 at The Pit.
  In a contest where it would’ve been easy for Sanchez – a vocal leader for the Eagles – to get frustrated and lose focus, he kept on shooting thanks to a little pep talk from Hobbs coach Mike Smith.
  “Coach just told me to keep my head up and take my shots,” Sanchez said. “Coach told me, ‘You may have missed the first five, but you’ll hit the next five.’ I just took that mentality and they started falling for me.”

Sunday, March 3, 2013

NMAA releases 2013 boys and girls state basketball tournament brackets

Tyler Fletcher/News-Sun
Hobbs' Dane Pannell glides in for two
points against Carlsbad at Tasker Arena.
  The New Mexico Activities Association released the 2013 boys and girls state basketball tournament brackets with several Lea County schools making the cut.
  Here are the links for the boys and girls brackets.
  The Hobbs boys received the No. 7 seed and will host No. 10 Volcano Vista 7 p.m. Saturday at Tasker Arena. The Hobbs girls got the No. 4 seed and will host No. 13 Gadsden 7 p.m. Friday at Tasker Arena.
  As for the Lovington teams, the boys got the No. 9 seed and will travel to play No. 8 Taos on Saturday while the defending Class 3A state champion Lady Wildcats received the No. 6 seed and host No. 11 Raton on Friday.
  As for Tatum, the Lady Coyotes picked up the No. 1 seed and will host No. 16 Shiprock Northwest on Friday while the Tatum boys got the No. 14 seed and will travel to play No. 3 To'jahiilee on Saturday.
  Neither Eunice or Jal team made the tournament.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Updated district tournament schedule for Lea County basketball teams

  With some of the tiebreakers (the Hobbs girls lost to Clovis and the Lovington boys lost to Portales – read tomorrow's News-Sun for game recaps) and first-round games done, here is an updated schedule for the district tournaments for the teams from Lea County.

Wednesday – District 8-1A Tournament: Jal boys vs. Floyd, 5:30 p.m.

Thursday – District 4-5A Tournament: Hobbs boys vs. Carlsbad, 8 p.m.; Hobbs girls vs. Carlsbad, 5 p.m.; District 4-3A Tournament: Lovington boys vs. Ruidoso, 7 p.m.; Lovington girls vs. Ruidoso, 5:30 p.m.; District 8-1A Tournament: Tatum boys vs. Floyd/Jal, 6:30 p.m.

Friday – District 8-1A Tournament: Tatum girls vs. Floyd/Dora, 6:30 p.m.; District 5-2A Tournament: Eunice girls @ Dexter, 6 p.m.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

District tournament schedule for Lea County basketball teams

  District tournament time is here for prep basketball. It's either time to build some momentum heading into state for some or the end of the season for others. This is the schedule of each teams' first game of their respective District Tournament (or playoff game for the district title in the case of the Lovington boys and Hobbs girls).

Monday – District 5-2A Tournament: Eunice boys vs. Loving, 6 p.m.; District 8-1A Tournament: Jal girls @ Floyd, 5:30 p.m.; Jal boys @ Floyd, 7 p.m.

Tuesday – District 4-5A tiebreaker: Hobbs girls vs. Clovis (at Roswell High), 7 p.m.; District 4-3A tiebreaker: Lovington boys vs. Portales (at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell), 7 p.m.; District 5-2A Tournament: Eunice girls vs. Loving, 6 p.m.

Thursday – District 4-5A Tournament: Hobbs boys vs. Carlsbad, 7 p.m.;  District 4-3A Tournament: Lovington girls vs. Ruidoso, 7 p.m.; District 8-1A Tournament: Tatum boys vs. Jal/Floyd, 6:30 p.m.

Friday – District 8-1A Tournament: Tatum girls vs. Jal/Floyd/Dora, 6:30 p.m.

  The tiebreaker games will determine when the Lovington boys and Hobbs girls open district tournament play. I know for the Hobbs girls, if they win they'll host the 4-5A championship 7 p.m. Saturday and if they lose they'll host Carlsbad 6 p.m. Thursday (and the Hobbs boys game against Carlsbad would be moved to 8 p.m.).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hobbs wins should give Eagles push into postseason, sets up interesting Tuesday

  It was a weekend of redemption for the No. 7 Hobbs boys basketball team as the Eagles ousted a Carlsbad team 88-50 Friday after losing to the Cavemen 69-66 in Carlsbad earlier this season, and then beat No. 6 Las Cruces High 78-60 Saturday to avenge a 21-point loss to the Bulldawgs last season in Las Cruces.
  More importantly, however, Hobbs after going on a small two-game skid may be regaining steam heading into its regular-season finale in Clovis on Friday, the District 4-5A Tournament and the state tournament.
  Prior to Friday and Saturday, Hobbs (19-6 overall, 1-2 district) was looking rough around the edges, particularly defensively and with its press as the Eagles were giving up a ton of easy buckets in losses to Carlsbad and Clovis.
  This weekend Hobbs was able to get out and run and puts some points on the board after scoring 66 and 59 in its last two contests.
  But the importance of Friday's game in Clovis will be determined Tuesday when Clovis (2-0 in district) travels to Carlsbad (1-2).
  A Clovis win means the Wildcats win district, Hobbs is second and Carlsbad finishes third (Hobbs owns the tiebreaker over Carlsbad via point differential) and Friday's game is more about keeping good momentum heading into the playoffs (oh, and that whole rivalry things too).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hobbs girls named in "Best of Rest" USA Today Top 25; LHS' Perez at ABC

  The Hobbs girls basketball team received some national recognition when the Lady Eagles were selected into the "Best of the Rest" section of the USA Today's national girls top-25 rankings released Jan. 9 and again Wednesday (here is link).
  The Lady Eagles are 15-1 on the season with its only loss to Mayfield on Dec. 15 (49-47) in Rio Rancho – a loss Hobbs avenged on Dec. 28 with a 38-37 win.
  There are no other New Mexico teams on the list or "Best of the Rest" section. Texas has two teams with Duncanville, Texas, ranked No. 2 with a 28-0 record and Pflugerville, Texas, ranked No. 18 with a 27-0 record.
  Hobbs has won six games in a row and will look to make it seven when the Lady Eagles travel to play Goddard 7 p.m. today. Goddard is 7-9 on the season after losing to Lovington on Tuesday.
  The schedule will be tough for Hobbs with only three home games left in the regular season compared to seven road contests (including games at Roswell High, Mayfield, Eldorado and Hope Christian along with district contests at Clovis and Carlsbad).

Perez back on court at Arlington Baptist
  Lovington graduate and multiple Hobbs News-Sun Player of the Year winner Mystica Perez is back on the court, joining Arlington Baptist College in Texas midseason.
  Arlington Baptist is a Division II school in the National Christian College Athletic Association. The Patriots have eight players on the current roster – all freshman with Perez as the only non-Texan.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Video: Hobbs highlights from trip to Alamogordo, Las Cruces Mayfield

  Here are video highlights from Hobbs' sweep of Alamogordo and Mayfield this past weekend where the Eagles outscored the two teams by a combined score of 184-113.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Breakdown of Hobbs' 45-point quarter; Hobbs vs. Las Cruces game rescheduled

Brad Cox/News-Sun
Hobbs' Adrian Brown sprints toward the hoop during
the Eagles' 117-56 win over Midland Christian on
Saturday at Tasker Arena.
  This is my fourth season covering Hobbs boys basketball full time (Saturday was my 101st consecutive game covered in a completely useless stat) as sports editor of the News-Sun and I was around the program the three years before that as a sportswriter in Hobbs, but I've never covered a more prolific quarter than the Eagles' second quarter during their 117-56 win over Midland Christian on Saturday at Tasker Arena.
  The Eagles scored 45 points – six points shy of the Hobbs record of 51 set in 1970 – to take a 75-29 lead at the half.
  In the second quarter alone, Hobbs went 16-for-23 from the field, including 5-for-5 from 3-point range, 8-for-11 from the free-throw line, forced 14 turnovers and held Midland Christian to 11 points.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Tonight's Hobbs boys game vs. Las Cruces canceled; Tatum still playing

  The Hobbs boys basketball team's game against Las Cruces High set for 7 p.m. today has been canceled due to inclement weather in the Las Cruces area. Hobbs athletic director Greg Haston said he and the Las Cruces athletic director will talk Monday about rescheduling but it will be tough at this time of year.
  Las Cruces is still going to try and make the trip for Saturday's contest at Clovis according to Las Cruces Sun-News sports editor Teddy Feinberg.
  The Hobbs boys (7 p.m.) and girls (5:30 p.m.) games against Midland Christian set for Saturday are still on as scheduled.
  Tatum's boys (4 p.m.) and girls (2:30 p.m.) games against Hagerman today will be played as scheduled according to Tatum boys basketball coach Vince Homer.