Monday, November 7, 2011

Sun Sports Central Soothsaying (i.e. Playoff Predictions); Dollar situation

  Before I get to my predictions for the New Mexico prep football playoffs, I wanted to real quick address the Hobbs football coaching situation. I've was asked by some Monday if Hobbs coach Bruce Dollar is no longer the coach and that is false for the time being. I talked to Dollar as well as the Hobbs athletic department Monday and both said Dollar is still the coach.
  I wrote my thoughts about this Sunday (about midway through the post), and I'll keep everyone updated on the situation (if there is one).
  Back to my soothsaying. Man, that word is great. I didn't know what it meant until I was in college working as the sports editor at the University of Oregon's independent student newspaper, The Oregon Daily Emerald, and one of the sportswriters – a buddy we all called Dome (got to love college nicknames, we still call him this) – turned in a story with that in the headline (I had to look it up to see what it meant) and the word and I have never parted.
  Wow, I apologize for wasting your time with that nerdy journalism story. 
  Anyway, with the 2A-5A brackets released Sunday I thought I'd take a crack at predicting how this season's postseason will shake out.
No. 1 Eunice def. No. 8 Tucumcari
No. 4 Tularosa def. No. 5 Dulce 
No. 3 Santa Rosa def. No. 6 Loving
No. 2 Texico def. No. 7 Laguna-Acoma
Comments: That's right, going chalk to start my predictions. I think the top four in 2A are a cut above the rest.
No. 1 Eunice def. No. 4 Tularosa
No. 3 Santa Rosa def. No. 2 Texico
No. 1 Eunice def. No. 3 Santa Rosa
Comments: Eunice sports the best quarterback (Tyler Almager) and best all-around player (Junior Caraza) in the classification and combine it with big linemen, other solid skill position players and the thirst to put up another title on the Wall of Champions in Joe Langston Gym, I don't see the Cardinals being stopped. I know, may look like a homer pick but I do truly believe the Cardinals are the best team in 2A.
Class 3A
First round
No. 9 Ruidoso def. No. 8 Academy
No. 5 Hope Christian def. No. 12 Raton
No. 6 Hot Springs def. No. 11 Zuni
No. 7 Robertson def. No. 10 Portales
No. 1 St. Michael's edges No. 9 Ruidoso (closer than people think)
No. 5 Hope def. No. 4 Socorro
No. 3 Lovington def. No. 6 Hot Springs
No. 2 Silver def. No. 7 Robertson
No. 1 St. Michael's def. No. 5 Hope
No. 3 Lovington def. No. 2 Silver
No. 1 St. Michael's def. No. 3 Lovington
Comments: What Lovington has done this season is amazing considering the loss of talent from its back-to-back state championship teams. But what happened against Ruidoso (having to rally at home for the win, giving up big yards and points when the defense has been the catalyst all season) kind of concerned me. St. Michael's has been impressive this season (though not playing the schedule of Lovington). But trust me, I wouldn't be surprised if Lovington proved me wrong. They've proven a lot of people wrong this season.
Class 4A
First Round
No. 8 Moriarty def. No. 9 Deming
No. 5 Los Lunas def. No. 12 Los Alamos
No. 11 St. Pius X def. No. 6 Farmington (Upset Special)
No. 7 Roswell def. No. 10 Grants
No. 1 Goddard thumps No. 8 Moriarty
No. 4 Artesia def. No. 5 Los Lunas
No. 3 Valencia def. No. 11 St. Pius X
No. 2 Aztec def. No. 7 Roswell (really wanted to take the Coyotes, but think Aztec is too much)
No. 1 Goddard def. No. 4 Artesia (plenty of motivation from last season, though I'd pay to see this one)
No. 2 Aztec def. No. 3 Valencia
No. 1 Goddard def. No. 2 Aztec 
Comments: Probably the classification I know the least about other than that Goddard and Artesia dominate it (some would say that is all I have to know). Goddard looked so good when I saw them against Hobbs and the combo of the quarterback Greene and running back David Anaya are going to be tough to beat. Side note, I'd do whatever it took to see Goddard play Cleveland. I really would.
Class 5A
First Round
No. 8 Carlsbad def. No. 9 La Cueva (best game of this weekend ... I give the Cavemen the edge because at home)
No. 5 Rio Rancho def. No. 12 Alamogordo
No. 6 Clovis def. No. 11 Sandia 
No. 7 Eldorado def. No. 10 Highland
No. 1 Cleveland def. No. 8 Carlsbad
No. 4 Las Cruces def. No. 5 Rio Rancho
No. 6 Clovis def. No. 3 Manzano
No. 2 Mayfield def. No. 7 Eldorado
No. 1 Cleveland def. No. 4 Las Cruces
No. 6 Clovis def. No. 2 Mayfield
No. 1 Cleveland def. No. 6 Clovis
Comments: Clovis really impressed me when I saw them earlier this season and I think they make a push to the finals but fall short against this season's juggernaut Cleveland (but by a much closer margin then when Cleveland hammered Clovis 49-14 in Clovis against a Wildcat team that was just getting back key players). While the Storm struggled to get past rival Rio Rancho in the last game of the regular season, Cleveland is the best team with arguably the best player in the state and I don't see it getting beat. 
  So as each week goes by, I'll add up how I do and blog it where I'll likely prove I know next to nothing. But what's new?